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Our History

In 2003, while serving in ministry at a local church, God spoke to Bro. Bob’s heart that He was calling him to the office of pastor. Bro. Bob knew that he heard the voice of God, but he had no idea when or how it was to happen. He knew, however, that true pastors are raised up by the Lord. In 2004, God spoke to him again. This time, Bob responded and stepped out in faith, seeking how he was to begin the congregational ministry that God had called him to.

When Bob communicated to his wife Brenda, what the Lord had said, she offered no objection. Her comment to him was, “You do what God has called you to do. I’ll be by your side.” Bob told his wife, “Once we step out in faith, there’s no turning back. No matter what the challenges are, we’re going to trust God.”

Spiritual Harvest Worship Center was founded on Ephesians 3:16: “That He would grant you according to His riches in glory to be strengthened by might with His Spirit in the inner man.”  God spoke to Bob and told him that He wanted him to build up the people of God in their inner man. The focus of the ministry, therefore, is to strengthen the inner man of the believer.

On September 11, 2005, the first worship service was held with six core members and a handful of visitors. The Dziadaszeks knew, without a doubt, that another Spirit-filled and Spirit-led church was born and their ministry career as pastors had begun.

Bob and Brenda Dziadaszek have known from the start that God called Spiritual Harvest Ministries to be different. They firmly believe that every God-birthed ministry should have a reason to be, a Kingdom purpose, an individual reason for being. The focus at Spiritual Harvest Worship Center is to build godly generations.

The teaching of the Word of God at Spiritual Harvest is done with simplicity, according to the Word of God, and always led by the Spirit of God. Each believer is called to live a life of holiness unto the Father. God expects every believer to live out the Word of God in our personal lives.

The Ministry

In 2005, the doors opened at Spiritual Harvest Worship Center. The center opened with a fledgling body of believers and it is still growing. Pastor Bob’s sensitivity to people, as well as his relevant, practical, and down-to-earth messages helps him connect with any person from any background. Pastor Brenda teaches the Word of God with boldness and clarity, always encouraging believers to be everything that God called them to be.

Because their services in the nursing homes and prisons are multi-racial, multi-denominational and multi-culture, a multi-church representation is the same vision they have for the church. Everything done through Spiritual Harvest Ministries is directed toward bringing people to Christ. The emphasis of the ministry is to teach the Word of God in a practical manner to grow up the spirit man of the believer.

Even during praise and worship, the focus is not so much on perfect voices and talent, although this is desired, but, rather, the focus is on a pure heart toward the Lord. The praise team spends quality time in worshiping before the Lord as a team in preparation for leading the congregation during each service.

One key emphasis in the ministry is to remind the saints of God that we have a high and holy calling and that God has called saints to respond to the needs of the world. The Dziadaszeks understand that people are looking for real purpose in their lives and that God has a plan and a purpose for every believer’s life. They realize that not only is their role as pastors to impart wisdom from the Word of God, but also to encourage people to take an active role in serving the living God.

Spiritual Harvest Ministries provides on-going outreach activities throughout the year and training in relevant topics to equip the saints to share their faith effectively and lead others to Christ. Mature Christians, as well as, new converts, will benefit from the training and participation in the outreaches.

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